We are very pleased to see that the District of Lantzville is now recording all council meetings.
As we browse through these videos we’re pulling out some of the more important highlights for your reference. One way for you to get caught up on council events.
If you wish to access these videos in their full length you can find them on here at the DOL Vimeo page…


October 2016

Councillor Dot Neary addresses allegations of a conflict of interest.

November 2016

Former Mayor Jack de Jong presents his views during a public hearing for a re-zoning application.

Councillor Will Geselbracht informs residence of 271 accounting errors which have been discovered within the District of Lantzville’s records. These errors occurred from 2005 onward during a previous councils time in office. The District of Lantzville is having to hire management personal to deal with this oversight.

Councillor Will Geselbracht explains the severity of Councillor Coulson’s agenda addition.

Councillor Mark Swain makes a statement regarding councils conduct.

Councillor Bob Colclough addresses conflict of interest allegations.

Mayor Haime recusing himself from council chambers prior to Councillor Geselbracht speaking to a censure motion for Councillor Coulson.

A few excerpts from the public participation portion of Nov. 14th council meeting.

November 28, 2016

DOL council voted to remove Mayor Colin Haime as the districts RDN representative. A motion is then presented to appoint Councillor Bob Colclough as the new RDN representative. The motion passes and Councillor Colclough will now represent the District of Lantzville, while sitting on the RDN board.