The discussions around OCP revision and water agreements by those who have an aversion to change, often tend to towards exaggerations of substance. I think it is understandable given this community is demographically aging. Added is the considerable sentimentality with Lantzville’s history and what some believe could have been. It ignores the reality of our current status. A community split in two by a major highway, a waterfront mostly sold off by historical development, a rapid growing Nanaimo with a Regional District challenging our status as a viable entity and a first Nation Neighbour actively pursuing economic development within our border. The OCP committee with aid of consultants and staff have finally developed a draft OCP which has even at this stage is under considerable unjustified pressure. Top down planning, too much density, you didn’t consider my input, etc. etc. give an unbalanced perspective of what has been accomplished. I believe this community owns the unpaid OCP committee and council considerable gratitude whatever the final document looks like. Unanimity was never the objective.

Jack de Jong