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We get lots of letters from folks who are passionate about Lantzville. Here’s our policy regarding “Letters from You”:

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HOW TO DIVIDE A COMMUNITY Councillor Denise Haime dropped a bombshell early on in the proceedings of the marathon (7:00 – 11:15pm) Council Meeting on Monday Feb 26th. Her comments may account for the very sour mood that prevailed for the rest of the meeting and the...

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Coming together-Joan Moody

Coming together In all things there are three sides to a story - my truth, your truth and the real truth. “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Oscar Wilde, “The Importance of Being Ernest”. Here are some statistics as a result of the 2016 census that I thought...

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BRIDGE FOR SALE by Brian Blood

BRIDGE FOR SALE B Blood The OCP Review finally came before Council on Dec 18th. The process brought to mind a memorable Council meeting from the past when a consultant made a presentation to the deJong Council about a development proposal and proceeded to give the...

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Know your community-Jack de Jong

KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY The discussions around OCP revision and water agreements by those who have an aversion to change, often tend to towards exaggerations of substance. I think it is understandable given this community is demographically aging. Added is the...

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