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New Beginnings
This column reports on council meetings from my personal viewpoint and includes comments the reader may not agree with.

In all things there are three sides to a story – my truth, your truth and the real truth.

November 26th Council Meeting
I was not able to attend this meeting therefore the summary is made from the video posted on the DOL website. The Mayor and all Councillors were present at this meeting. I have confirmed that staff present was Mr. Campbell, Ms. Coates, Ms. Slater, Mr. Young, and Mr. Spears.


Council unanimously moved to adopt the amended agenda as circulated.

Declaration of Conflict

The Mayor announced a conflict with agenda item 10a being Bylaw No. 60.40 which considered a zoning for a secondary suite.

Invited Presentations and Public Delegations

Cameron Miller, Superintendent, Officer in charge, Nanaimo RCMP presented Council Authorities re: Policing and Activity Report. The PowerPoint presentation has been posted to the DOL website. The presentation covered 4 topics: policing contracts, staffing levels, operational pressures and annual policing priorities. One interesting item was that Lantzville calls to RCMP were up 29.8% from 2015 to 2018. He estimated there will be 796 calls during 2018.

John Weninger, Principal, Urban Systems presented a PowerPoint executive summary of the Asset Management Investment Plan. The full Plan was attached to the meeting agenda and the PowerPoint presentation has been posted to DOL website. His presentation lasted 15 minutes and Council had only one question. I found this amazing considering how important this report is to DOL. The report estimated that DOL had a funding gap of $575,000 in roads and buildings per year over a 20-year period. I guess we pay now or pay a lot later. Mr. Weninger stated that grants from the BC Government can depend on having an Asset Management Plan and that the AMIP was the first step in preparing the AMP. I guess there will be no AMP in the near future as there is no funding in the Financial Plan to hire a consultant to prepare the AMP. Please do not think that staff could prepare such a Plan as all staff is working full out with all the projects currently in process.

Public Input Period

One person commented on the RCMP presentation and the Block Watch Program.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for council meetings held on October 15 and November 5 were approved as presented.

Committee of the Whole Motions

The following motions made at the November 22nd COTW were approved unanimously:
A new non-statutory reserve fund entitled the “Village Core Improvement Reserve Fund” be established; and $100,000 of Gas Tax Grant Money be allocated on January 1, 2019 to the reserve to be used for eligible projects; and staff determine other sources of annual funding for inclusion in the reserve for Council’s consideration.
Council instructs staff to amend the 2019-2023 Financial Plan Noncore & Carry Forward Special Request Items, Tab 3 — by changing funding for Fire Services ($15,000) and Planning ($17,500) from Surplus to Taxation
Council Instructs staff to amend the 2019-2023 Financial Plan Noncore & Carry Forward Special Request Items, Tab 3 – by moving the Sewer Master PIan ($100,000) from 2019 to 2020.
Council reinstate the $5,000 annual contribution to the Park Development Reserve Fund with funding from General Taxation.
Council instructs staff to amend the 2019-2023 Financial Plan, Tab 3, Non-core & Carry Forward Special Request Items by removing Costin & Heritage Hall Plan, 2019, $10,000.
Council instructs staff to amend the 2019-2023 Financial Plan, Tab 7, Capital Budget Summary, Parks, by removing E&N Trail Portion from Ware Road to Phillip Road Along Railway, 2022, $500,000 and 2023, $500,000.
Council approves the 2019-2023 Financial Plan, as amended.


Mayor Swain declared a conflict and left the council chambers during the discussion of a motion to allow a secondary suite to be built. Councillor Savage asked if an amenity should be in included in the Bylaw amendment. Staff stated that the construction of a secondary suite was a good amenity and therefore did not believe any additional amenity was required. Bylaw No 60.40 was given first and second reading, unanimously. A Public Hearing would be scheduled for a future meeting to allow the public to express their opinions.

Council moved that third reading of “District of Lantzville Development Cost charges Bylaw No. 154, 2018 be rescinded and that District of Lantzville Development Cost Charges Bylaw No. 154, 2018 be given third reading as amended with all references to the Village Specified Area removed; and that property owners within the Village Specified Area be advised of the required revisions.

Before giving first, second and third reading to the Financial Plan, Director Slater highlighted changes to the original Plan as discussed at a previous COTW. Her review disclosed the amended Financial Plan includes a 2019 Property Tax (Municipal Portion) of 5.60% effective rate increase for existing taxpayers. The impact to the average Single Family House of $630,945 will be an increase of $60 over 2018 tax year. There was no public comment on the proposed Financial Plan. Council moved unanimously to give first, second and third reading to the 2019-2023 Financial Plan.

Before the motion to consider Bylaw No 170, Councillor Geselbracht moved to instruct staff to report on other municipality remuneration plus a per diem for Councillor committee work and to suggest new levels for Councillors. Motion carried unanimously.


Only back-patting comments were made during Mayor & Councillors verbal updates. There were no comments on the meeting minutes for the Economic Development Strategic Plan and Community Branding Select Committee and COTW minutes.

New Business

The motion to change the 2018 Council meeting schedule was removed from the agenda. I guess Councillor Wilson was okay with the next meeting to be held on December 10th.

Council approved the authorization of signing authorities as listed in the minutes.
Council approved the adoption of Policy No 6000-1 Purchasing, Consulting and Publicly Tendered Contracts.
Council approved the adoption of Policy No 3000-3 Travel Expense Reimbursement.
Council moved that Development Permit No DP18-0004 be issued to Peter and Cheryl McNeil for 7998 Lantzville Road to facilitate construction of a new house and driveway, and repair of shoreline protection works.
Council moved to authorize staff to coordinate the right of way survey of Lantzville Road from Wiles Road to Huddlestone Road, in 2018 with an estimated cost of $9,000 to be funded from General Surplus.

Public Input Period

One resident commented on the speedy passage of the Financial Plan.

Motion to Close the meeting to the Public

Council moved to close the meeting to the public, pursuant to section 90(1) (g) and (i) of the Community Charter, for the purpose of considering: litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality; and the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary, for that purpose. This is the second in-camera meeting for this council term.


I do not know when the in-camera meeting ended so I can’t offer a time for adjournment.


I am unable to note how many public were in attendance as I was not present at this meeting.

Attendance Record