Our Environment

Lantzville community news is happy to have John Dunn as our environment page contributor.

Streamkeepers April 2017

Streamkeepers 2017 April

Another winter has passed with the volunteers becoming more familiar with the watersheds through stream walks. We began to build a Willow and Red Osier fence at the base of a landslide located on Bonnel Creek, Willow wattling, weaving the...

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Stream Keepers-Sept. 2016

Stream keepers September 21 2016 With summer’s end the rains begin to refill the watersheds, flows begin to increase as rivulets flow and drain into dry tributaries which in -turn become our local Salmon stream’s as close as the closest stream to your home. Eventually...

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Stream Keepers June 2016

Stream Keepers June 2016 Stream keeping has been very interesting with all the hot weather lately. First the streams began to dry with levels at the usual July levels with Bonnel dry half way down from the highway to the Salish Sea. Planning an early fry rescue we...

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Lantzville Beaches

Lantzville beaches Lantzville has many beach options for recreation opportunities from great beach walks, summer swimming, ocean kayaking, paddle boarding and unlimited fishing opportunities. Clam and Oyster harvesting is coming to an end with the hot weather which...

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Stream Keeping May 2016

Stream Keeping May 2016 First I would like to clarify that Lantzville does have a stream keeper group. LSK was amalgamated with Nanoose Stream Keepers Society after the death of Gordon Galloway (Galloway Marsh) the founding member. This served to simplify the...

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Lantzville & Nanoose Stream Keepers

Lantzville & Nanoose Stream Keepers First I want to acknowledge the late Jordan Gail for his work on keeping the Log online alive over the past years. Streamkeeping volunteers have been busy this winter with tree planting and walking the watersheds from Blood’s Creek...

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