Sea Glass New Beginnings

Welcome to Sea Glass New Beginnings, a report devoted to local politics in Lantzville.  This report is based on public information with a little bit of my personal viewpoint intertwined.  I hope you enjoy reading.  If you have any comments on the column, please send them to me at email hidden; JavaScript is required or if you would like to have a chat over coffee, I am always available for a latté at Starbucks.

November 5th Council Meeting – Inaugural Meeting of the 2018 – 2022 Council

All Councillors were present.  Mr. Campbell, Ms. Coates, Ms. Slater, Mr. Young, and Mr. Rukus were in attendance.  There will not be a videotape as this meeting was held in Costin Hall.

Ms. Coates called the meeting to order following which Miss Sophia Swain, the Mayor’s daughter, sang O Canada.

Administration of Oaths of Office

Mr. Justice Baird, Supreme Court of BC, administered the following oath of office to Mayor Swain and Councillors Geselbracht, Proctor, Savage, Wilson.

I, [name of person elected or appointed], do solemnly affirm that:

  • I am qualified to hold the office of [office] for the District of Lantzville to which I have been elected;
  • I have not, by myself or any other person, knowingly contravened the Community Charter respecting vote buying or intimidation in relation to my election to the office;
  • I will faithfully perform the duties of my office, and will not allow any private interest to influence my conduct in public matters;
  • as required by the Community Charter, I will disclose any direct or indirect pecuniary interest I have in a matter and will not participate in the discussion of the matter and will not vote in respect of the matter.


Adoption of the Agenda

Council unanimously moved to adopt the agenda as presented.



The Mayor followed by the Councillors gave their reports which mainly consisted of thanks to family and friends and to residents for support during the campaign.

New Business

Mayor Swain was appointed as municipal director on the Regional District of Nanaimo Board and Councillor Savage appointed as alternate municipal director.  Councillor Wilson was appointed as representative on the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board of Trustees for a term ending December 31, 2019 and Councillor Geselbracht was appointed as alternate representative.

The designation of councillors to act in place of the Mayor was adopted as presented.

The report of the 2018 General Local Election which was presented for information purposes disclosed there were 3,038 eligible electors of which 1,437 voted or 47.3%.

The 2019 Council meeting schedule was adopted unanimously as presented.

Council unanimously moved that a Committee of the Whole meeting for a one-day Strategic Planning session be scheduled for January 17, 2019 in the council chamber at the Municipal Hall.

The next item of new business was the motion to apply for a grant to expand the water system.  Council unanimously moved that staff submit an application for grant funding for the Clark Drive Area Water System Expansion Project through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Rural and Northern Communities Program, and that Council support the project and acknowledged that the District of Lantzville would be responsible for any project cost overruns if the project cost exceeds the potential grant funding of $5,015,320.  The deadline for application is January 23, 2019.  The Water Master Plan which was completed in November 2017 identified the Clark Drive area as the largest unserviced area that has the highest concern around drinking water quality. Results of a public survey indicate that over 70% of survey participants supported water extension to this area.

There were about 30-40 residents in attendance including many family members of the new council members.

Following the adjournment of the meeting, the Tidesman Chorus entertained with songs to close out the evening.

For each council meeting, I will record attendance and voting record.

Attendance Record

  Swain Geselbracht Proctor Savage Wilson
Nov 5 X X X X X


Voting Record

Nov 5 Swain Geselbracht Proctor Savage Wilson
Appointments X X X X X
Meeting Schedule X X X X X
Strategic Planning Meeting X X X X X
Grant Application X X X X X