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This column reports on council meetings from my personal viewpoint and includes comments the reader may not agree with.  In all things there are three sides to a story – my truth, your truth and the real truth.

I did not attend the council meeting therefore the column is written from viewing the videotape.

March 12 Council Meeting

All Councillors were present at this meeting.  Also present were Mr. Campbell, Ms. Coates, and Mr. Limshue.  The videotape of the meeting has been posted on the DOL website.  The February 26 meeting, Part 2 videotape is now posted to the website.



The agenda was adopted as amended, unanimously.


Public Input Period


There was no public input.


Previous meeting minutes


Council approved the meeting minutes from February 26 and March 5 council meetings, as presented.


Business Arising from the Minutes

Pursuant to the minutes for February 26, Councillor Colclough moved that staff be directed to prepare a new policy to govern the allocation of water connections, for when additional and/or reallocated supply is available, based on the following criteria in order of priority:  1) Existing parcels with houses that have insufficient supply for domestic use; 2) Existing parcels with houses where due to water quality issues the existing supply is unsafe for domestic use; 3) Existing parcels where houses cannot be built due to a lack of suitable domestic water supply; 4) “Infill” subdivisions of property fronting an existing waterline; 5) Subdivisions immediately adjacent to the end of an existing waterline; and that within each category allocations will be on a ‘first come first served” basis, and the the current policy requiring large developments to provide their own source of water supply be incorporated in the new policy.  Motion carried unanimously.


Councillor Coulson moved that staff provide additional information on the legal costs on page 14 of tonight’s agenda for $27,725.88 General costs.  He wanted to know what General means and the information to be provided during a public council meeting.  Motion defeated with Councillors Swain, Colclough, Neary and Geselbracht opposing.



Mayor & Councillors

Councillor Coulson asked staff to confirm the water source for the Ware Rd property that is subject to an application for a subdivision.  CAO indicated that he would have to respond after speaking with Director of Public Works.  Councillor Coulson asked staff to confirm what DOL requirements for open burning on cleared land were.  CAO advised that DOL has no authority only Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resources.  Mayor stated that permitting is a Provincial Ministry and DOL has no ability to enforce.  Councillor Haime read a statement concerning the lawsuit against former Councillors Millbank, Savage, and Scott and legal fees.  Councillor Swain moved that staff be instructed to follow up with Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources regarding the Knarston Creek letter sent to the Ministry by DOL. Motion carried unanimously.


March 12,2018 Committee of the Whole Meeting Recommendations


Council moved that staff be instructed to refer the Draft Official Community Plan, Version 2, comprising 152 pages plus accompanying maps, to referral agencies for preliminary feedback prior to consideration of first reading, subject to:

  1. a) removing all references to Area “D” in the document
  2. b) removing the statement that the school is in decline
  3. c) striking “in the Village Area” from the first sentence of the second paragraph in section 3.2.4 (Regional Context Statement – RGS Goal No. 4 – Concentrate Housing and Jobs in Rural Village and Urban Growth Centres – p 28)
  4. d) striking “up to a maximum of 2.5 units per hectare” in section 5.2.7 (3) (Policies – Residential (R) – p 46)
  5. e) inserting “and carriage houses” after “residential buildings” in 7.2.3 (1) and after “Secondary Suites” in 7.2.3 (2) (Housing Choices – Secondary Suites – p 58)
  6. f) amending Section 1.4.3 by adding to the definition of “Amenities” – “This may include cash in lieu equivalents.”
  7. g) amending Section 8.5.6 to add the following policy – “Lantzville will establish zoning which includes the maximum allowable densities both with and without the amenity contribution requirements, and proponents for redevelopment will be required to enter into written agreement for the density bonus/amenity contribution as a condition of development approval.”
  8. h) amending Section – to reword first sentence to read “The District will consider the extension of public water services to residential users in rural and agricultural areas of the community.”
  9. i) amending Section – to clarify policy to consider pedestrian and emergency connections through the Ware Road property by rewording the policy to state, “The District will work with the landowner of the Ware Road properties to ensure that development plans provide adequate pedestrian and emergency connections only, to Rossiter and Harby Roads.”
  10. j) amending 5. Goal 2 (COTW agenda page 86) by striking “The Nanoose First Nation Reserve is located inside of the municipal boundary.” and inserting “The Nanoose First Nation Reserve is bordered on three sides by the District of Lantzville.” and by striking in 2.1.5 (COTW agenda page 63) the references to the moorage at the Snaw-Naw-As Marina
  11. k) amending the document to strike any references to “business licenses”
  12. l) updating the document for the current reality for references to buffers and backdrops, given the clearing that has occurred in the last six months
  13. m) removing the paragraph referencing Stevens Place on page 103 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 150)
  14. n) by striking on page 17 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 64) the wording in yellow “With the exception of one small-scale communal treatment systems, all sewage is handled by private septic tanks and ground the disposal fields”
  15. o) by striking on page 66 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 113), table 3, row #6, the following words “Lantzville approving officer recommendation, with”
  16. p) amending on page 13 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 60) by incorporating a graphical representation of Lantzville’s current lot sizes, in addition to Figure 10
  17. q) on page 56 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 103) by removing bullet 4 “Give priority for servicing to areas where a range of housing options could be developed.”
  18. r) on page 56 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 103) by removing bullet 5 “Implement the strategy and planning approach for the Foothills Estates area to create extensive parkland and associated rural “estate” residential type development.”
  19. s) on page 91 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 138) section 1 by striking “or commercial and residential in separate buildings,”
  20. t) on page 93 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 140), table 6, by striking “up to 25 uph” and inserting “up to 17.5 uph”
  21. u) on page 96 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 143), table 7, under Max. Gross Density, reduce from 31 uph to 25 uph
  22. v) on page 99 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 146), table 8, under Max. Gross Density, reduce from 17 uph to 13 uph
  23. w) on page 102 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 149), table 9, under Max. Gross Density, reduce from 12.0 uph to 10 uph
  24. x) on page 105 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page 152), table 10, under Max. Gross Density, reduce from 10.0 uph to 7.5 uph
  25. y) directing staff to update the approximate range of units in the Density Summary charts to correspond with the maximum gross densities in the previous motions (clauses)
  26. z) on page 97 of the draft OCP (COTW agenda page144), in bullet 2, by striking “A park area shall be provided south of the existing school playing fields” and inserting “An area south of the existing school playing fields will be reforested park”
  27. aa) on Map #2 Environmentally Sensitive – remove OF Cut or Altered Older Forest designation from the properties to the west of Aulds Road.


Councillor Coulson opposed as he wanted to see the updated OCP before it was circulated to ensure that staff made the amendments as authorized by Council.


Council moved THAT Staff be authorized to refer the Draft Official Community Plan, Version 2, as amended, for review and comment to the following agencies: Regional District of Nanaimo; Snaw-Naw-As (Nanoose) First Nation; City of Nanaimo; Agricultural Land Commission; Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development; Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing; Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure; Island Health; Fisheries and Oceans Canada; and School Districts 68 and 69.

Councillor Coulson opposed as he wanted to see the updated OCP before it was circulated to ensure that staff made the amendments as authorized by Council.


Unfinished Business


Lantzville Tree Cutting

Councillor Haime moved that Council direct staff to investigate and prepare a report whether the properties that had been clear cut on Superior Rd, Ware, Ronald Rd and Ware Road have abided by: (1) required set backs from property lines, waterways, environmentally sensitive areas, (2) forested areas of the subject properties identified for retention in the 2005 OCP and the draft 2 of the 2018 OCP and further to include in the report information on the expected disposal of the debris from the tree cutting currently piled on the properties with the report to be provided at the next schedule regular council meeting.  Councillor Swain moved to amend the main motion to include that Council instruct staff to ask the developer why 5% parkland dedication (2.5 Acres) bordering Seaview School was clear cut.  Mayor moved to amend the motion to add item 3 to confirm that developer has abided by development permit requirements.  The motion as amended was approved, unanimously.



New Business

Appointment of Election Officers

Council moved that pursuant to Section 58(1) and (2) of the Local Government Act Trudy Coates be appointed as Chief Election Officer for conducting the 2018 General Local Election and Assent Voting with the power to appoint other election officials as required for the administration and conduct of the 2018 General Local Election and Assent Voting; and further that Joan Harrison be appointed as Deputy Chief Election Officer for the 2018 General Local Election and Assent Voting.


Introduction of Late Items


Councillor Coulson wanted to introduce a late item pertaining to staffing.  The request to introduce was denied by the majority of Council.  Mayor indicated that Councillor Coulson could bring the motion to another regularly schedule council meeting, if he wished to do so.


Public Input

Brian Blood and Max Nock made comments on agenda items.




I was told by a credible source that there were 9 persons in the gallery when the meeting adjourned.


As of March 15, there are 219 days to the next municipal election which will be held on October 20, 2018.


Joan Moody