Under the Dome

This column reports on council meetings from my personal viewpoint and includes comments the reader may not agree with.

I did not attend the council meeting therefore the column is written from listening to the audiotape posted on the DOL website.

The current Council’s Mission Statement and Council Values can be found on DOL website under the link – Town Hall.

Mission Statement: 
Provide efficient, effective and environmentally and economically sustainable services and good governance for the public while managing growth of the community and respecting Lantzville’s diverse character and charm.

Council Values:
Act in a professional manner at all times, having respect for:
• the public,
• staff,
• Council members,
• the roles of Council, staff and the public,
• the decision making process, and
carry out adequate research and thoughtfully consider the issues before us, while serving and representing all of our community.

March 26 Council Meeting

All Councillors except Council Geselbracht were present. Mr. Campbell, Ms. Coates, Ms. Beauchamp, and Mr. Spears were in attendance. An audiotape of the meeting has been posted on the DOL website. A videotape is unavailable due to technical difficulties.


The agenda was adopted as amended.

Declaration of Conflict

Councillor Colclough announced his intention to declare conflict regarding item 14(a)(ii) Potential Zoning Bylaw Contravention.

Public Input Period

There was no public input.

Previous meeting minutes

Council approved the March 12 council meeting minutes as presented.

Bylaw No. 153
Council moved that the motion to give first, second and third reading to the 2018-2022 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 147, 2017, Amendment Bylaw No. 153, 2018 be postponed to April 9 to receive a report from staff prior to the April 9 Council meeting, unanimously.

Council moved that it had no objections to the RDN amending “RDN Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1615, 2011” to implement “RDN Electoral Area ‘H’ Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 1335.6, 2017” through the minor amendment process, unanimously.

a) Mayor & Councillors Verbal Updates

Councillor Neary stated she would be introducing a late item requesting direction from Council on the April 16 LWAG meeting she would be attending.

Mayor Haime commented on changes to the BC Speculation Tax that applied to Lantzville.

Council moved that a meeting be requested with Finance Minister James at her earliest convenience, including the option to meet at the AVICC convention, to address the application of the BC Speculation Tax to residential properties in Lantzville, unanimously.

b) February 15 Parks and Recreation Commission meeting minutes
There were no comments.

c) March 12 Committee of the Whole meeting minutes
There were no comments.

Unfinished Business

a) Tree Removal Bylaw options
Council moved to direct staff to do a comparative analysis of municipalities of similar size to the DOL, regarding tree regulation bylaws and related costs, and the feasibility of including tree removal protection within the development permit area regulations, unanimously.

b) Items 1-9 in Darwin Mahlum, Lantzville Projects Ltd. and 7704 Superior Road Letter (13 Dec 2017) re Lantzville Draft Official Community Plan “Special Plan Areas”

Councillors Swain, Haime, Coulson and Mayor Haime commented on the material provided.

New Business
a) Water Rate Comparison Posted on the District of Lantzville Website

Councillor Coulson requested details from staff as to how they calculated water rates for the report as he was not able to follow the logic/assumptions used by staff. Councillor Haime also had several questions on discrepancies that she noted in the staff calculations.

Council moved to instruct staff to provide details around the calculation leading to the projected annual increase as shown on the Water Rate Comparison posted on the District of Lantzville website and that staff provide an explanation of how the rates relate to or reconcile with section 6.1 of the Lantzville/Nanaimo Water Agreement and that the report include a five-year history of water actually supplied in the Upper Pressure Zone. Councillor Swain opposed.

Council moved that staff distribute to Council the excel spreadsheet used in calculating the Water Rates including any assumptions and variables. Councillor Neary opposed.

b) Ware Road Water Source

Councillor Coulson moved to request staff provide Council with the information pertaining to the water source for the Ware Road subdivision application currently submitted. Motion defeated when Councillors Colclough, Swain, Neary opposed.

Councillor Colclough declared a conflict on the following agenda item and left the Chamber.

c) Potential Zoning Bylaw Contravention – Minimum Lot

Council moved to request staff prepare a report addressing: 1) how proposed properties at 7401 Aulds Road and Lot 1, Block 471 are permitted to go below 80% of the minimum parcel size, as noted in Schedule 4b of the District of Lantzville Zoning Bylaw; 2) how staff will be addressing this concern going forward; GIVEN THAT (a) 7401 Aulds Road and Lot 1, Block 471 is part of the development package submitted to the DOL as part of the Foothills development, (b) 7401 Aulds Road and Lot 1, Block 471 is currently zoned RS1L as noted in Bylaw 60,2005 Zoning and Subdivision Map, (c) the updated Foothills Proposed Plan of Subdivision, dated Feb 22, 2018 contains multiple lots below 4,000 m2 and thus do not meet the current zoning requirements for minimum parcels sizes under RS1L zoning without community water, (d) the Preliminary Layout Approval of the Foothills subdivision contains no references to these lots being against current zoning bylaws. Councillors Neary and Swain opposed.

d) Foothills Schedule B Update

Council moved to consider at the closed portion of the April 23 meeting the following, subject to staff meeting with the developer prior to the meeting: 1) discuss the terms and conditions associated with Schedule B of the registered 219 covenant on the Foothills lands; 2) get an update from staff on the progress to date on the terms of this schedule, and estimated times of completion for outstanding items, unanimously.
Councillor Colclough returned to the Chamber.

e) Lantzville/Nanaimo Water Agreement

Council moved to instruct staff to request a meeting between DOL Council and Nanaimo Council to discuss proposed changes to the Lantzville/Nanaimo Water Agreement, and with topics of discussion to be submitted in advance by both parties. Councillors Colclough and Neary opposed.

Council moved to direct staff to provide a report at its earliest convenience summarizing all source documents, memos, letters, emails, and staff reports on any discussions or rationales on the new development clause 6.6 in the Lantzville/Nanaimo Water Agreement, unanimously.

Introduction of Late Items

Councillor Coulson wanted to introduce a late item pertaining to staffing. The request to introduce was denied by the majority of Council.

Council moved to instruct staff to (i) post the response from the Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development to the website; (ii) provide copies of the Copley Ridge Recreation Trail licence to Council; and (iii) add the following “Providing Information Relating to the Upcoming Lantzville Woodlot Advisory Group Meeting” to the April 9 agenda for Council to bring forward comments, unanimously.

Public Input

Ian Savage spoke on the bus stop project. Brian Blood spoke on serving on the LWAG. Lance Geselbracht spoke on a violation of the Respectful Workplace Policy at a recent meeting by a speaker commenting about staff integrity and making derogatory comments about a Council member, the need for the Chair to call such speakers to order, and suggested a letter be sent to the speaker advising of the Policy. Nicholas Pescod spoke on his recent newspaper article about the Lantzville/Nanaimo Water Agreement.

Motion to close the meeting to the public

Council closed the meeting to the public, pursuant to section 90(1) (a), (e) and (k) of the Community Charter, for the purpose of considering: (i) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality; (ii) whether dealing in public with a matter relating to the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality; and if Council determines that such harm might reasonably be expected, the meeting be closed to the public for the purpose of considering the disposition of land or improvements of land by the municipality; and (iii) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the Council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.


As of April 5, there are 178 days to October 20th, the next municipal election.


Joan Moody